Publicity Materials & Reviews

Photo: David Achkar Film Programme
Programme about films of Achkar a young director from Guinea who died (1998) in his promising career. His film Allah Tantou is highly regarded.


These are the materials created to promote specific films, film festivals, film seasons and other events. This collection includes the following, approximately 600 (not including duplicates) of which have been catalogued to date:

Publicity postcardsPublicity booklets (eg. about the making of the Nigerian sitcom series, Basi & Company, by writer Ken Saro-Wiwa)*, Press Packs, Programme brochuresLeaflets and Fliers (eg.Programme Leaflet for the Black Film Bulletin’s Summer Screen Celebration event showcasing new and forthcoming black films in 1993, including student films – notably Steve Mcqueen’s graduation film ‘The Bear’), Festival Daily NewslettersPublished Film and Festival Reviews (eg. The Sunday Observer feature on black culture films 14/11/99)