This collaborative legacy continues, as the exhibition, screenings, and discussions for Movements  will take place across two locations – University of the Arts London (Chelsea College of Arts Triangle and Cookhouse Galleries); and the Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image, University of London – to explore a new sphere for the archive and to echo Stuart Hall’s statement on ‘context’.  
A three-day film screening will take place in the Triangle Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts. Films have been chosen for their thematic connection to ‘Cities’. The adjacent exhibition in the Cookhouse Gallery aims to showcase a series of connections between the various elements of the archive such as film and festival posters, audio interviews and recordings with filmmakers artists and writers; and personal memories evoked through the photographic collection including, productions stills and snapshots; in addition, a series of films repeated throughout the day will change on a daily basis.  
See schedule below
  • Pan-African Cinema, Négritude and the Archive - Saturday 18 October 2014
     The day will be introduced by June Givanni and panellists will include: John Akomfrah and Reece Auguiste (both filmmakers from the former Black Audio Film Collective), Imruh Bakari (scholar, curator and filmmaker from the former Ceddo film collective), Nadia Denton (producer and writer), Louis Massiah (filmmaker, scholar and Director of the Scribe Video Center, USA), Laura Mulvey (film scholar), and Euzhan Palcy (filmmaker).
  • Panel 1: 10.00am - 12.30pm
    The Relevance of Pan-Africanism and Négritude in Cinema Now
    What interest does a Pan-African cinema archive collected within a key historical period of anti-colonial struggle and the emergence of African diaspora cinema, hold for filmmakers and film scholars today? This panel will discuss how Pan-Africanism and Négritude encompass ideas that have defined the African world of the twentieth century, whether in terms of political movements and liberation struggles, or as expressions of culture and creativity. These concepts emanated from specific colonial influences: Pan-Africanism in the context of British slavery, colonialism and American slavery and segregation, as well as Négritude from the imperial Francophone perspective. This panel will debate the relationship between these two crucial concepts and anticipate what value can be placed on their relevance to contemporary film culture.
    Screening of extract of part two of the trilogy:
    Aimé Césaire: Une Parole pour le XXIème siècle/A Voice for the 21st century (Euzhan Palcy, 1994, 52mins)
  • Panel 2: 2.00pm- 4.30pm
    How can the June Givanni Pan-African Cinema Archive promote its collection and its Pan-African legacy?
    This afternoon panel will address the historical importance of the June Givanni Pan-African Cinema Archive. It will explore the ways in which a Pan-African Cinema Archive can respond to the diversity that defines this culture, while taking into account the challenges that exists for archiving film across the African continent and diaspora. The panel will discuss the importance of the collection, its access, and its future potential.      
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  • 'Cities' : Triangle Gallery Film Schedule - Chelsea College of Arts
  • Thursday 16 Oct
     10.30-12.30 – Pressure (110’) 13.00-15.00 – Borom Sarret (20’) & Black Girl (60’) 18.00-21.00 (Opening) – Twilight City (58’) & Home Away from Home (11’) 
  • Friday 17 Oct
    10.30-12.30 – Bombing of Osage Avenue (58’) & Octobre (37’) 13.00-15.00 – W.E.B. Du Bois (116’)16.00-18.00 – Made in Brixton (26’) & Territories (25’) & Bohemian Noir (26’)  18.30-20.30 – Quartier Mozart (80’)  
  • Saturday 18 Oct
     10.30-12.30 – The Terror and the Time (75’) 13.00-15.00 – The Boy Kumasenu (62’) & Dread Knight Folk (26’) 16.00-18.00 –Badu Boy (56’) & Contras City (22’) 18.30-20.30 – Sidewalk Stories (97’)
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  • Wednesday 22 Oct
    Caribbean Eye (29’) Mark of the Hand (52’)
  • Thursday 23 Oct
    Third Eye Film Festival of Third Cinema in London (41’) Big George is Dead (65’)
  • Friday 24 Oct
    Havana Film Festival of Latin American and Caribbean Cinema (13’) We’re Doing it for the Children (53’)
  • Saturday 25 Oct
    Big City Stories (90’) Robots of Brixton (6’) Jonah (18’)
  • Monday 27 Oct
    Big City Stories (90’) Robots of Brixton (6’) Jonah (18’)

June Givanni Pan African Film Archive

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