Photographs & Stills

Senegalese Filmmaker Ousmane Sembene at Ceddo Film Workshop Circa 1996(June Givanni)
Senegalese Filmmaker Ousmane Sembene at Ceddo Film Workshop, Tottenham, London Circa 1986 (June Givanni)
“There are hundreds of still images – in fact quite possibly thousands – of shots that have been captured by June Givanni and others. Since so many are still in the cataloguing process, it’s hard to quantify them, but in terms of their style and context, they include  portraits, photographic records of gatherings, film production stills, as well as snapshots,  from many of the images that span film festivals and film-related events in UK and international locations” (Nana Ocran)

The photographs vary in quality and style usually determined by their purpose and the conditions in which they were taken. They feature black and white and colour photos, and a small selection of slides. Again many were taken in the era before digital photography, but this in itself can add to the visual aesthetic appeal of some of the photographic material.   Some of the  photos taken personally, capturing moments among and featuring filmmakers and colleagues and other personalities,  have become historically significant with the passage of time.