June Givanni - Courtesy of the Regional Council of Martinique, Quand Art se Fait Femmes, Guest of Honour, 2014
June Givanni Chairing the Black Women in film and TV panel for BAND and TIFF, Toronto February 2014

*The term Pan African is an identification that encompasses the peoples of the African continent and all of the African diaspora, where people of African descent can be found.  

The June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive (JGPACA) is a 30 year personal collection of films and film related materials which are used to provide events and information for public engagement with Pan African cinema.


June’s vision is to provide resources for artistic and educational knowledge and appreciation of Pan African Cinema.


The June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive  (JGPACA) works to bring awareness to the contributions of black people to cinema as a story telling medium through curated programs in association with multi-disciplinary arts and community development principles locally, nationally and internationally.